GB Life Coaching brings LIFE back to Corporations




Coaching - Training - Workshops -  Facilitation - Retreats


 Individuals - Teams - Organisations 




We restore growth

by applying fundamental principles of Nature

because Nature is abundant by Nature


  • Every organisation is an ecosystem
  • There is no ecosystem without cooperation 
  • A healthy ecosystem is naturally prosperous
  • It is where LIFE expends and develops

We work with clients to align behaviours with core values

  • Helping the top Management to align or realign on vision and strategy
  • Helping people individually to develop their potential
  • Helping interactions and relationships between people and departments
  • Helping reinstall close communication and direct contacts
  • Helping to implement cooperation and promote Trust 



  • Because People determine the fate of every organisation
  • Because Trust is at the heart of any successful enterprise
  • Because change can only occur if you change something



Nothing can exist

without change

as a key component


no framework

from the past

can sustain change

in the present 




Based on decades of experience in the combined fields of

Human Development and Business Growth