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French Consulting firm

This company was co-founded in April 2020 by Santiago Alvarez in Barcelona, Bruno Gregoire in Avignon and Denis Gorce-Bourge in London. It is designed to help individuals and organisations to find deeper purpose, higher values and a more harmonious ways of working together.


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We provide bespoke services on site and virtually.

  • Virtual coaching forum

  • Team work based on Appreciative enquiry (typically 9 days programme)

  • Virtual Leadership programme (typically 5 days)

based on 1 to 1 coaching and virtual retreat days to enhance coherence, creativity and emotional intelligence

Conversation au fil de l'O.jfif

Many other free services online

Twice a month, we invite managers and leaders to a 2 hour conversation with 3 coaches, to share their point of view on various topics with other people they don’t know.
Every week, we post a question online to inspire people and engage to think deeper about the actual situation. Each end of week, a recap is published of all comments and interactions.

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